Welcome to YouTutor365.com!!!

YouTutor365.com is a platform for creating e-courses and organizing the e-learning process.

The syllabus of a course have a tree-like hierarchical structure, while the content of a course may consist of formatted text, images, video, etc.

Questions are used to test students ' knowledge. The questions are located in the questionnaire. Tests generates from this questionnaire by customizable templates and can embedded in any part of syllabus.

Options "All previous quizzes must be passed" and "Student must read theory before taking the quiz" helps the teacher manage access to the course sections.

Study groups simplify learning management. The students in group can study synchronously, when the whole group is formed at once and all the students study the course materials simultaneously, and in streaming mode, when a new student can be added to the group at any time.

Students ' learning progress are stored in the learning journal. A learning journal records the test results and theoretical learning materials attendance. Teacher can view learning journal as for the entire group as for each student separately.

The courseware is protected against unauthorized copying of learning materials both via the clipboard and by viewing source code of the page.

The system is hosted in Microsoft Windows Azure cloud.

All you need to start is a Microsoft work or school account.